About Me

As an educator, I am an enthusiastic, patient, empathetic and professional model to all students. I think of working with students as a gift more than a job. My goal is to make personal connections with students and creates a positive classroom environment. Using differentiation in the classroom allows all students to achieve academically and reach independent goals.

I like to:

  • Spoil my 13 month old niece, Ellery.
  • Workout, hike, and stay motivated to take on new challenges.
  • Cook an array of healthy meals.
  • Travel around the world embracing different cultures.

My Educational Philosophy

The value of being a teacher to students is an astonishing opportunity to be able to inspire and educate students. I believe the students should be involved in hands-on activities, individually and in small groups. I value the students’ thoughts and interests and believe that they should be a part of the learning process. Each lesson should include each type of student, recognizing that each individual student has their own way of learning and processing information. The classroom should be a safe learning environment and promote diversity. The students should be motivated to work with positive reinforcement using behavior management strategies.

My philosophy of education is progressivism which is student centered based learning. I believe in individuality, positive interactions, and using problem solving to solve tasks that are provided to them. Students learn best from their own interactions and experiences and allow students to build their schemata. In a student centered classroom students are included in planning by expressing their interests and background knowledge. By following state guidelines students are being educated and gaining knowledge by completing tasks that they are interested in. By doing so they are building confidence in understanding new concepts that are taught.

In managing a student centered classroom the students will be expressed with positive reinforcements, looking at the class as a whole and individual students. Finding the best strategies may change, as each class set may benefit differently from year to year. Some children need more reinforcement than others, likely this child will have a behavior plan based on their own interests.